Seeking inspiration from the ever-advancing cosmopolitan metropolis, our Abu Dhabi Royale sofas are cozy enough to sink into, yet thoughtfully designed to not invade your living room space. With each boasting a high cushioned backrest and broad cushioned armrests for comfortable seating, The Abu Dhabi Royale is sure to add a touch of class to your urban home

AMSTERDAM Attraction

Bring an air of unmistakable sophistication into your urban home with this masterpiece. Designed using sleek straight lines, this L-shaped sofa elegantly occupies just the right amount of space set aside for it, thus ensuring the Amsterdam Attraction makes an elegant statement without being overbearing. The elevated wooden legs on the base also add to its contemporary and stylish feel.

ANTWERP Excellence

Inspired by the city known for its refined specialization in interior design, the Antwerp Excellence two-seater collection offers the best of solid contemporary design. Featuring a sturdy frame, wide block legs, cushioned armrests and comfortable back cushions, Antwerp Excellence is sure to add a sense of stylish authority to your urban home.







Inspired by yet another city, on list of the world’s most luxurious ones, the design of the Chicago Kingpin sofa set combines plush suede upholstery with the most comfortable design style. Spacious yet not overwhelmingly sized with wide sloping and cushioned armrests, the Chicago Kingpin definitely makes its presence felt in your urban home.

DIJON Delight

Upholstered in light cotton-linen fabrics, the hightlight of this modern masterpiece is the eye catching use of colour. Inspired by the french city of Dijon, which is renowned for its piquant offering: the design incorporates brilliant mustard cushion seats offset by a deep grey base. The fixed bolsters at the back, curved arms for more comfort and ergonomic design are sure to make Dijon Delight a charming addition to any urban home.


Our Hong Kong Delight L-shaped lounger is inspired by this global compact city. Striking, ergonomic and designed to be space-efficient, much like its muse, Hong Kong delight will prove to be a welcome inclusion to your urban home.


Draped in rich brown cotton-linen upholstery, This L-shaped lounger invokes many a memory of woody Johannesburg, with its 10 million trees. Complete with a low backrest, deep seating space and broad arms for comfort, the ergonomic and minimalistic design of Johannesburg Beauty is bound to add a special touch to your urban home.


LA Glam

The celebrity lifestyle and sprawling interiors of Los Angeles homes gives this armless lounger a distinct and stylish personality. The dual toned upholstery adds to its contemporary feel, making L.A. Glam just perfect for the kind of setting you may want to create in your home.

LEEDS Living

LEEDS Living


MIAMI Fabulous

Inspired by the laid-back culture and art deco colours of Miami, this lounger incorporates contrasting colours with more relaxed neutral tones to give it a contemporary, refined yet comfortable look. If you’re worried this might take up too much of your living room space, don’t be. We’ve designed it to fit in just perfectly.


NAPLES Extraordinaire Chair

Borrowing inspiration from the more bold and full-bodied Italian wines from the outskirts of Naples, this collection boasts comfort and spaciousness with a hint of classic furniture design. The set consists of a three and two seater adorned with fine fabric in a solid colour, plush cushioning and a sturdy, comfortable armchair. Inspired by the natural flora of the region, this single seater is upholstered in a bold leafy print and is crafted to perfection with piping around the edges. The Naples Extraordinaire will become the seat of choice when you’re entertaining a bunch of guests or spending time with the family. Bring it home and experience ‘il modo di vita Italiana’ in your urban home.

NEW PORT Finesse

OSLO Magic

PRAGUE Perfect

Our Prague Perfect L-shaped sofa seeks inspiration from the global city that host a world renowned contemporary design festival every year. This pinnacle of style, ergonomic design and comfort features low back rest, spacious seating and short metal legs to elevate its trendy feel in your urban home.

RIO Brilliance

Invite the vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro into your urban home with this classic yet modern sofa set. Available as two and three seaters, these are upholstered in bright lime green and offset with subtler grey fabric. What’s more, the lower back and higher but thinner armrests offer perfect ergonomic comfort, with short wooden legs to elevate your style quotient.

Roman Reverie

Inspired by Italian design, Roman Reverie is a straight line sofa with ebony veneer panels on its arms. The elegant design and neutral colours offers the ultimate in style and comfort without imposing drastically on your space. Have a seat, close your eyes and you might just find yourself amidst an Italian dream.

SEOUL Splendour

This contemporary and innovatively designed L-shaped lounger seeks inspiration from the ‘soft city’ of Seoul. Unlike other standard lounger designs, Seoul Splendour with its rounded end piece and neutral coloured upholstery eliminates any sense of rigid design and thus, adds a certain softness to any urban home setting. Adequately sized and ergonomically designed, it is also available with the option of an Ottoman.


Plush and luxurious, this sink-in sofa is inspired by Shanghai, China’s most luxurious city. Sinking into its soft suede fabric after a day’s work will certainly feel like a much deserved pleasure. Designed keeping the urban living spaces in mind, the Shanghai Special is big on luxurious comfort, yet compact in size. What’s more, its sleek wooden front adds value to this all-time favourite.

TURIN Magnificence

Seeking inspiration from the automotive design capital of the world, which is also known for its various stunning architectural design styles, the Turin Magnificence L-shaped lounger features the best of minimalistic and contemporary ergonomic design. With its sleek lines, low cushioned armrests, a spacious seat base, high back and elevated wooden legs this masterpiece occupies just the right amount of space in a corner of your urban home.


Inspired by stately American Design, Washington Wonder combines a bit of grandeur with contemporary design. A low, rounded backrest is comfortable enough to sink into, yet the sturdy armrests, wooden fronts and wine coloured upholstery give it a distinguished look. Perfectly sized for urban home, it wont take up too much space, just most of the attention.


CANNES Creation

This L-shaped corner sofa blends comfort with modern and ergonomic design. Exuding luxury much like its namesake, our Cannes Creation features a sloping arm rest that invites you to either strike a diva-esque pose while hosting a get together or perhaps recline and immerse yourself in one of your favouirte films. Being spacious yet striking, the Cannes Creation is an ideal fit for an urban Home

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