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The world has become a smaller place, while global trends, preferences and needs continue to evolve. The people of today crave for innovation, creativity and an unquenchable thirst for nothing but the best. The consumers of today desire to express themselves through their surroundings, especially their homes. When it comes to selecting the ideal furniture for your dream home, the story remains unchanged.

Established in 2012, Urban Living is a part of Furniture Kraft which has a legacy of its own as a reputed manufacturer of home furniture. Urban Living is a brand that possesses a wide variety of exclusive collections to choose from, while offering a high degree of customization to suit the ever changing needs of the urban world. Every tiny detail is tended to, while creating true masterpieces which would add a hint of elegance and panache to your humble abode.

Choose from a plethora of products designed to suit your needs which include loungers, accent chairs, assorted furniture and accessories along with exclusive designs curated from across the globe. The collections reflect the aesthetics of different styles, trends and designs which incorporate various elements from the countries which inspired their design. Simply select one from our extensive catalogs or allow our panel of experts to guide you every step of the way as you embark on building a work of art that would serve as an inseparable part of your home.


Every piece of furniture designed by Urban Living is a piece of art with a personality of its own. Each creation amalgamates innovative design and thoughtful aesthetics with your own perception of style. Enjoy an assortment of curated fabrics, textures and colour palettes designed exclusively to form a unique ensemble crafted to perfection, while paying close attention to the smallest of details. Choose from a variety of materials, woods, shapes and designs which help you create an exclusive design that is truly created by you. Whether it’s an opulent sofa set or regal loungers, rediscover comfort like never before. Our designs add to the ambiance of your home without invading space.

The right materials can have a substantial impact on design, conceptualization and creation of the perfect piece of furniture. They serve as an integral source of inspiration which is why Urban Living offers you an extensive and intensive list of materials to use best as you see fit. With a wide array of materials and fabrics to choose from, Urban Living helps you create products which reflect your individuality and home flawlessly.

Urban Living utilizes state of the art technology with a skilled team of more than 200 Artisans and master designers along with an impressive production capacity that would suit both small as well as extensive requirements. Discover a new perspective with our master designers who are renowned for their skill, unique style and artistic sensibilities. They carefully analyze global trends and strive to create vibrant spaces in line with your personal preferences, choices and lifestyle.
Urban Living aims at redefining the home furnishing space by creating furniture and accessories which embody unparalleled quality while laying emphasis on design, aesthetics and value. The brand continues to strive for perfection and to lead the industry by example. Urban Living abides by a set of values which define the very essence of the brand. Urban living aims at crafting a truly memorable experience at every level to provide clients with a holistic home furnishing solution – It isn’t just about exemplary products, it’s about an unforgettable experience!



Urban Living is proud to create sustainable and eco-friendly furniture while ensuring optimum utilization of resources. We create the perfect blend of creativity, innovation and responsibility. Urban Living brings together knowledge, know-how, infrastructure and people to create flawless pieces of furniture! It wouldn’t be perfect, if it isn’t safe for the environment. Urban Living takes utmost care at every stage of production to ensure that all of our processes minimize environmental impact.

We ensure that raw materials are of the highest quality, while ensuring that there is minimal wastage of precious resources. Wood is sourced exclusively from renewable forests with no use of harmful chemicals to ensure that our products are completely non-toxic. Compliance with rules and regulations as applicable by law are followed stringently. Our belief is simple- with great quality, comes great responsibility.

We understand the urban landscape extremely well, including the wear and tear of everyday life. All of our products are designed to withstand the test of time. To ensure the same, each product undergoes a battery of tests which include load, wear and tear, impact and friction tests to ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality.

Embrace an opportunity to explore urban design like never before and customize your home to your heart’s content. Whether it’s a compact spaces or an ergonomic design, a stringent budget or a sprawling living room, Urban Living will place you at the helm, while providing you with abundant knowledge, sound advice, skilled artisans and a promise to help turn your vision into a reality and help you adorn your home with exquisite furniture and accessories that serve as a flawless representation of your inner self. Urban Living lets you become the artist and simply provides you with the canvas and colours, to express yourself without any inhibitions. Set your creativity free and watch in awe, as we do what we do best – Transform your home into a masterpiece!


Through Passionate and Persistent performance we make Furniture and Accessories affordable to the Urban-minded Customer


To be the best Furniture Manufacturer.



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